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    Welcome~Hengzhun Weighing Scale Wes
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    Company Profile

    首頁公司簡介圖片 【270*206】

    Beijing Heng Trading Co., Ltd. (Department of Beijing Hengda predecessor), we "customer demand for the center, based on technical services" for the community to provide electronic scales, electronic balance products and maintenance services. Main products and services: various models of electronic scales scale electronic scales: electronic scales, electronic scales, electronic crane scale, electronic platform scales, stainless steel standard weight. "We are solely responsible for the sale of the Weighing after-sales service project", hotline technical advice, home maintenance and commissioning, so that you and enterprises get cost-effective products and services. We can also be customized according to user requirements of non-standard weighing products. Standard products recommended: electronic scales USB serial data through computer Excel form save management, support WIN7 / WIN8 / WINXP general, USB data cable plug and play electronic scales, wireless Bluetooth communication. Industrial electronic scale analog 4 ~ 20mA or 0-10V output connection PLC.HengzhunTEL:86-10-61738497 86-13521224539


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